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What Is Different About Fire Doors?


You have surely seen fire doors in your favorite businesses, but you might not be sure about what makes these doors different from the standard commercial doors that you might see. However, fire doors -- which are designed to help prevent the spread of fire past the doorway -- actually have a few features that make them safer. These are a few of the main features that fire doors should have.

Made from Fire-Resistant Materials

First of all, you should know that fire doors are always made from materials that are resistant to heat and fires. Instead of just being made of lumber -- which can obviously catch fire quickly -- these doors are often made from a combination of materials, such as lumber, steel and glass. This combination of materials is designed to help prevent these doors from catching on fire.

Go With Fire-Resistant Door Casings

Fire doors should be installed with fire-resistant door casings. This is because stopping the fire at the door will be a lot harder if the door casing itself isn't fire-resistant. These door casings are generally made from very similar materials as fire doors.

Automatic Closers

In the event of an emergency, the last thing that a person might think about is closing the door. However, closing a fire door is critical in order for it to do its job. This is why these doors should have automatic closers. These closers will cause the door to close automatically after it is opened, which will help hold the fire on the other side and prevent it from spreading.

Proper Labeling

Fire doors are supposed to be labeled for their fire rating. Basically, this rating refers to how long these doors can be expected to withstand fire before allowing it to spread. This information can be very important in the event of an emergency, such as if a team of fire fighters are trying to determine the best way to fight a fire.


Although this isn't a necessity, many fire doors feature alarms. These alarms are designed to sound when the door is pushed opened, which will help notify anyone in the building and surrounding area of the fire. This alarm can save lives, particularly if the smoke detectors in the building are not sounding.

Fire doors all have a lot in common. These are some of the main things that you can expect from a fire door as opposed to a regular commercial door. Contact a company like All Kind Door Services Ltd for more information.


5 September 2015