Improving Your Door Hardware

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Common Commercial Door Problems To Fix


Your commercial door can improve your building's aesthetics and boost your store's security. However, commercial doors are susceptible to damage due to exposure to harsh weather elements like rain. Also, the doors may break due to physical damage. Therefore, you may need to repair your commercial door to restore its functionality and appearance. Here are the common problems that may require commercial door repair.


When your commercial door is exposed to excess moisture, rust may form on the metal parts, such as the hinges. The corroded parts may experience friction during door operations resulting in loud, odd noises. Additionally, the rust may eat away at the metal, causing the metal to fall apart. Door repair may include removing the rust through sanding or rust removal chemicals and applying anti-rust coating on your door.


If you have a commercial glass door, the glass may break due to physical impact. This may result in crack formation. These cracks may be unattractive and may weaken your glass door. When the cracks extend, the glass may shatter. Shattered glass has sharp edges that may cut the skin of building users. Similarly, wood doors may break from heavy impact, increasing the risk of collapse. Fortunately, timely commercial door repair may fix the breakage, increasing your door's lifespan.


Your wood door may absorb excess moisture and swell. If the door is exposed to excessive heat may cause an imbalance in moisture content in your wooden door.  If the heat change is drastic, your entryway may warp, resulting in excess weight at your door's center or ends.  Commercial door repair may entail straightening the warped parts and applying moisture-resistant coating on your door.


Your commercial door may become sluggish due to moving parts or sensor damage. Similarly, damaged rollers may move sluggishly on the door's tracks.  If you don't solve the problem, your door may eventually get stuck, causing access delays. Also, a sluggish automatic door may strain and consume more energy. This may increase your building's energy. Commercial door repair services can investigate the cause of the sluggishness and fix them speedily, restoring your door's average operating speed.

Spring Damage

Your building's door springs carry your door's weight, allowing your commercial door to rise. However, your entryway may not raise or get stuck midway when the spring system wears out. Door repair can solve your spring problems, saving you from unnecessary spring replacement cots.

Common problems that may require commercial door repair include damaged springs, sluggishness, warping, breakage, and rusting. Consider hiring a commercial storefront door repair service, such as AM PM Door Service, when you experience these issues.


30 November 2022