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3 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Doors Working Properly


Commercial doors serve a valuable role in welcoming consumers into your storefront. These doors are also responsible for playing an integral role in your company's security system. Maintaining the quality and integrity of your commercial doors is critical if you want your doors to continue functioning properly.

Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure that your commercial doors don't become a liability in the future:

1. Check the quality of your batteries.

Many commercial doors are operated using specialized batteries that help the doors open and close automatically. Since commercial doors see a significant amount of use each day, these batteries can quickly burn out or become damaged.

It's important that you swap out your commercial door batteries on a regular basis, and establish a schedule for checking the quality of the batteries between changes. Look for batteries that have started to corrode or leak, as these could be signs of more serious problems within your commercial door's automated operation system.

2. Check the doors themselves for damage.

Commercial doors are susceptible to damage due to the significant amount of use these types of doors receive on a daily basis. It's important that you are checking your commercial doors for signs of damage if you want them to remain structurally sound and functional in the future.

Run your fingers over the frame of the door to check for soft spots or corrosion that could serve as weak points where the door can easily be breached. You should also check for chipping or cracked paint that could indicate the materials beneath the paint are starting to deteriorate. Repair or replace a damaged door as quickly as possible to ensure your storefront remains accessible and secure.

3. Check the function of the doors' hydraulic arm.

Many commercial doors are equipped with a hydraulic arm installed along the top of the door. This arm helps to regulate the speed with which a commercial door closes. You don't want your doors to slam shut, as the repeated jarring of a slamming door could damage the locking mechanism or crack the glass in the door.

Routinely monitor the closing speed of your commercial doors and check the hydraulic arm for leaks that will need to be repaired by a locksmith to preserve proper function.

Knowing how to care for your commercial doors properly ensures that your storefront will remain accessible and secure in the future. Contact a company that offers storefront windows and doors for more information and assistance. 


1 September 2017