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Tips For Installing Bullet-Resistant Doors At Your School


If you're a school administrator and the common nature of school shootings has you rightfully concerned, one idea that you might wish to pursue is installing bullet-resistant doors. Such additions can be the difference between life and death for your students and teachers, and these doors may save precious time as law enforcement officers race to the scene to arrest the perpetrator. While you likely hope that a shooting will never take place, equipping your building with bullet-resistant doors can be a worthwhile investment should such an event ever occur. Here are some tips for moving forward.

Choose The Right Time For Installation

The last thing you want is to instill fear in your students when you install bullet-resistant doors. While the doors are designed to make people feel safe, they may also cause some students to think about school shootings. Your best approach is to arrange for your installation service to do the work either during the summer break or on the weekends. Ideally, you'll be able to choose the summer break, as this will give the installation team enough time to put in all of the doors in one series of days.

Change Their Appearance

Bullet-resistant doors are often about substance, rather than style. This means that they may have a flat gray or black appearance. Such an appearance can stand out to the students, and you don't want them to feel as though they're attending school in a bunker. One approach that you can take is to change the appearance of the doors. Painting each side of them in an appropriate color can completely alter how they look and offer a cheerful feeling. Select a color that suits your school. For example, if your school's athletic teams wear red and yellow uniforms, picking one or both of these colors to paint the bullet-resistant doors can be a good idea.

Choose How You'll Communicate

There are two schools of thought about revealing the bullet-resistant doors. One is to let your student body know, and the other is to only tell teachers and administrators. The latter can be ideal because it prevents the students from thinking about a shooting taking place. Should you go with this approach, make sure that you let your staff know which doors are new if you aren't replacing all of them. This way, in the event of an incident, the staff can lead students into the rooms that are protected by the bullet-resistant doors.


9 July 2018