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Things To Try To Get Automatic Doors Operating While Waiting For Repairs


When the automatic doors of your business stop functioning the way that they should, there's no time to waste in getting them operating again. Here, you'll find a few things to try as you await the arrival of the automatic door repair technician.

Check the Breaker

If the door isn't operating at all, the problem could be as basic as a tripped breaker. Go to the breaker panel and flip the breaker that powers the door. If it's on, try flipping it off and then back on again. Sometimes, this reset will get the door working again.

Press the Reset Button

The doors should have a reset button near the motor box. When this button is pressed and held for about 10 seconds, the computer components of the door reset. This can sometimes undo whatever has caused the doors to stop operating properly.

Clean the Tracks

If the tracks that the doors glide on are caked with dirt and debris, it will put more strain on the motor and can cause it to fail or stop working. Use a broom to sweep away any debris in the crack. If the debris doesn't come out with just the broom, you may need to get a knife or screwdriver to dig the junk out of the cracks. Once the tracks are clean, you can try using the doors again.

Note: Some automatic doors require these tracks to be lubricated. If your model of door needs lubricated tracks, you will need to re-lubricate after you've cleaned away the debris. The type of lubricant may vary, but for now, you can use WD-40 to get things going in a hurry. Just don't forget to inquire about the appropriate lubricant for the door soon.

Check to Make Sure the Frame Is Level

If there is foundation damage or damage to the frame of the door, the door will not be able to operate as it should. Get a level and check that the frame and floor are level. If something happened to cause things to shift, there will be a great deal of work to do to get the door operating again. This could include repairs to the foundation or replacing the entire frame of the door.

For more information, contact a local automatic door repair company like DOORS FIXED RIGHT, INC.  They will help to get the door opening and closing the way that it should as quickly as humanly possible.


23 April 2019