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3 Benefits of Garage Doors with Built-in Pedestrian Doors


Many homes have traditional garage doors that operate on a track and move up and down. While having a garage and a garage door is a perk, it is not uncommon for people to want another access point to their garage space. A simple solution to this issue is to replace your current garage door with one that has a built-in pedestrian door. A pedestrian door is a type of door that is built into the main garage door, but opens and closes like a traditional door and has a handle. Some of the benefits of getting a garage door with a built-in pedestrian door include:

Less Wear and Tear on Your Garage Door

A garage door may seem simple, but there are a number of components that make it possible for it to open and close. For example, there is a strong spring that provides the energy needed to open and close the garage door, and that spring can eventually snap after many opening and closing cycles. When you have a garage door with a built-in pedestrian door, you can gain easy access to your garage without having to open the garage door, which means that your garage door and garage door opener won't experience as much wear and tear, so they will last longer.

Protect the Contents of Your Garage

Many people store a lot of belongings in their garage, and keeping the garage door open to get in and out of the space can leave those items at risk for being stolen. One of the good things about having a pedestrian door is the fact that you can go in and out of the garage without ever having to open the garage door and leave all of your belongings exposed. 

Better Energy Efficiency

If you have an attached garage, opening and closing the whole garage door can make the garage hot or cold depending on the season, and that can also affect the temperature of your house. With a pedestrian door, you can go in and out of the garage without opening the garage door, so the temperature inside the garage will remain stable. As a result, you don't have to worry about really hot or cold air from the garage seeping into your house. This can also be beneficial if you use your garage as a workspace or a gym since it will be easier to keep the garage at a comfortable temperature.

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10 August 2020