Shower Doors And Mineral-Rich Water: Keeping The Spots Away


Glass shower doors have an amazing ability to show off just how mineral-rich your water is even if you live in an area with relatively soft water. It seems like your doors will always have a limescale spot or two unless you embark on a constant battle to scrub away the spots. Keeping your shower doors looking clean does take persistence, but it doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, you can make it a very easy task if you are consistent in your efforts to keep the door clean.

31 March 2021

3 Benefits of Garage Doors with Built-in Pedestrian Doors


Many homes have traditional garage doors that operate on a track and move up and down. While having a garage and a garage door is a perk, it is not uncommon for people to want another access point to their garage space. A simple solution to this issue is to replace your current garage door with one that has a built-in pedestrian door. A pedestrian door is a type of door that is built into the main garage door, but opens and closes like a traditional door and has a handle.

10 August 2020

Things To Try To Get Automatic Doors Operating While Waiting For Repairs


When the automatic doors of your business stop functioning the way that they should, there's no time to waste in getting them operating again. Here, you'll find a few things to try as you await the arrival of the automatic door repair technician. Check the Breaker If the door isn't operating at all, the problem could be as basic as a tripped breaker. Go to the breaker panel and flip the breaker that powers the door.

23 April 2019

Tips For Installing Bullet-Resistant Doors At Your School


If you're a school administrator and the common nature of school shootings has you rightfully concerned, one idea that you might wish to pursue is installing bullet-resistant doors. Such additions can be the difference between life and death for your students and teachers, and these doors may save precious time as law enforcement officers race to the scene to arrest the perpetrator. While you likely hope that a shooting will never take place, equipping your building with bullet-resistant doors can be a worthwhile investment should such an event ever occur.

9 July 2018

How Businesses Use Garage Doors to Add Style to Their Storefronts


  Every business wants to be successful, and there are several strategies that help them achieve their objectives. One such strategy is investing in an attractive storefront. If you own a physical store, you should consider improving the look of your store to encourage customers to visit you. Not only will an overhead garage door, like one from Anderson Door Co Of Michigan, give your business an added touch of class, you can also use it to display your business name and services.

20 November 2017

3 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Doors Working Properly


Commercial doors serve a valuable role in welcoming consumers into your storefront. These doors are also responsible for playing an integral role in your company's security system. Maintaining the quality and integrity of your commercial doors is critical if you want your doors to continue functioning properly. Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure that your commercial doors don't become a liability in the future: 1. Check the quality of your batteries.

1 September 2017

Is Instagram Right For My Door Installation Company?


Is Instagram right for your door installation company? Whether you are chiefly in product sales or installation, this article show how helpful Instagram can be as a marketing and sales tool. Utilizing Instagram The first question that many door companies ask is: "I just sell doors, who would want to follow me on Instagram?" Admittedly, you're never going to reach 1 million followers, but that's not really the point of using Instagram for these purposes.

27 May 2017

Outdoor Living 101: 3 Common Patio Covers Suitable For Any Home


Outdoor living spaces are quickly becoming popular – and for good reason. Outdoor living areas allow you to use more of your property. This increases the value of your home, as there is more usable space. However, you need to ensure that the space is comfortable even in the hottest days of summer. But how do you keep an outdoor space cool? Simple: patio cover installation. Available in a variety of styles, patio covers provide shade during the hottest parts of the day – and summer.

25 April 2017

What Is Different About Fire Doors?


You have surely seen fire doors in your favorite businesses, but you might not be sure about what makes these doors different from the standard commercial doors that you might see. However, fire doors -- which are designed to help prevent the spread of fire past the doorway -- actually have a few features that make them safer. These are a few of the main features that fire doors should have.

5 September 2015